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New User Navigation

New User Navigation

The Look & Feel of SecurityTrax navigation has changed to provide a more intuitive way to get you to your destination in the least amount of clicks/taps. Select any of the links, below, to take a tour.

Navigation on Mobile Devices

All SecurityTrax functionality remains the same no matter the device being used, only the navigation to the desired function is different. 

Tablets & Cell Phones

  1. The  first thing to notice on tablets and cell phones is the location of the Homescreen's Dashboard and Technician menu, which is at the very bottom of the viewing screen.
    • Note: No scrolling is necessary to access the stationary Homescreen Menu.
  2. The Customer Create icon CustomerCreatePlus.png is at the top right, next to the Global Search icon GlobalSearch.png.
  3. Once the Company Name, or Hamburger icon Hamburger.png, is selected (they react the same),  all of the remaining menus are accessible (Home & Customers, the User Portal, Company, Admin, and the Footer menu items, Leave Feedback and Terms & Conditions).
    • Note: To return to the Homescreen, select Home or the Cancel icon HamburgerReverse.png directly across from the Company Name in the top right.
  4. There is no appreciable difference with access and viewing between tablets and cell phones, with the minor exception that due to the extremely small viewing window of cell phones, there will be additional scrolling involved.
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