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Live Chat Support

Introducing Live Chat


All Access Group (ID 1000) - The SecurityTrax All-Access permission group was created to provide full permissions to a specific group of users which will automatically receive any new features or permissions as they are released.

Live Chat - Members in the original “Owner Group” or the new “All-Access Group” now have access to Chat Support within SecurityTrax. Receive transcripts via email for future reference.

Owner Group (ID 1) - Group assigned certain privileges to navigate through SecurityTrax.

Using Live Chat

To open a Live Chat session:

  1. Select the Chat icon  . 
  2. Enter your information:
    1. Your Name: Jeric O'Brian
    2. E-mail:

The next available representative will assist you.


To end a Live Chat session:

  1. Select the minimize button, to close the Chat window. 


Note: Please review the conversation before closing. A copy of the conversation will be emailed to you. 

Who can use this feature?

Members in the original "Owner Group" (ID 1) or the new "All-Access Group" (ID 1000).

When can I expect a response?

When you use this feature Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:30 am - 5:30 pm Mountain Time a support representative should be able to assist you. In the event, our representatives are busy you can create a ticket for them and they will respond as soon as they are able.

Can I use this feature outside regular hours?

Yes, when this feature is used outside of our normal operating hours a ticket will be created in the system and we will help you as soon as we can the next workday. 

  1. Select the Chat icon  . 
  2. Enter your information:
    1. Your Name: <Name>
    2. E-mail: <Email>
    3. Subject: <Subject>
    4. Message: <Message>
    5. Select Leave a Message



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