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Work Orders Assigned to You

Managing your work orders has been made so much easier now with this invaluable tool at your fingertips! 

To view your work orders

  1. While on the User Home Screen, click Work Orders in the left menu.
  2. By default, a graphical list of all your Open and Recently Closed work orders are displayed along with the order number, customer's name, when the appointment was created and the due date.
  3. The list is further delineated by Appointments Scheduled and Appointments Completed.
    • Note: "No Appointments Scheduled" will display when there are none.
  4. Additionally, the type of work order (Installation, Service, Removal), with the date and appointment time block, will be shown along side the technician's picture, including a summary of the total number of appointments per type. 
  5. Missed appointments will be shown in a faded color with a cross-out icon RemovalCanceled.png, and completed appoints with a check mark icon RemovalCompleted.png .
    • Note: These graphical appointment bars are color coded for the type of appointment, as suggested above.

NOTE: for in-depth help on the subject of work orders, see How to Manage Work Orders

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