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How to Manage Tech Today

Tech Today is the Technician's hub. Includes a list of their appointments for the day and list of on-hand inventory and what is needed to complete all appointments for the day.



To view Tech Today and Tech at Work, users need to be a part of a permission group with the Technician role along with the desired permissions on Customer and Calendar Events categories. Reach out to us for help with this.


Tech Today

Users with the Technician role will see and can select the Tech Today tab on their home page. Note: the date can be changed to view previous or future appointments by clicking the left or right arrows next to the date or by selecting a different date on the Calendar icon. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 1.04.10 PM.png

Changing the date can be helpful when looking at future days to plan out the day and/or view equipment needed and on-hand inventory.

Route for Today

  • The Route for Today is a list of appoints for today in order. The map will show the locations for these appointment. Appointment numbers are colored by appointment type for ease of use. Note: each customer will need to have a geo-coded address for them to show up on the map. Also, note that the map is not available in mobile view.
  • Show Summary can expand or collapse a list of appointment subtypes for the day.
  • Select the Right Arrow icon Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 1.03.58 PM.png on an appointment to view Tech at Work for that appointment. See Tech at Work for more details.
  • After an appointment is complete (e.g. Checking in and Checked out), the appointment number icon will be a lighter shade on the Route for Today list. 

Equipment Needed Today

  • This section will show a list of equipment items needed for all appointments for the day. Here, you can also see what is currently On-Hand. Select the Go To My Inventory button to view/manage your inventory if needed.
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