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Tech Today and Tech at Work for Managers

Tech Today and Tech at Work for Managers provide a unique view that allows managers to see the same information as their technicians. To enable this feature, the Org Chart must be properly set up, with managers having direct reports who are assigned to the Technician Role. Once this is in place, managers will automatically see the "Tech Today" left navigation item on their home screen.

To access Tech Today, simply click on the left navigation item "Tech Today" from the home screen. This will present a date and a user dropdown option, containing all the technicians who report to the manager. By selecting a specific technician, the manager can view their schedule for the day, including the route and equipment required for the selected date.

For a more detailed view of a particular appointment, managers can click into any appointment listed in the technician's route for the day. This action will take them to the "Tech at Work" screen, where they can access various appointment details, including customer information, sales data, work order notes and equipment, technician notes, and the current status of the appointment. This comprehensive view empowers managers to stay informed and effectively manage their team's activities throughout the day.


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