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How to Manage Tech at Work

Tech at Work is where the Technician has all the tools needed to work the appointment. From here the Technician can also navigate to any part of the site for any reason and easily navigate back to the appointment. To navigate back to Tech Today, select the Tech Today tab or select Tech Today on the breadcrumbs in the secondary navigation bar.



To view Tech Today and Tech at Work, users need to be a part of a permission group with the Technician role along with the desired permissions on Customer and Calendar Events categories. Reach out to us for help with this.


Tech at Work before Check in

To get to Tech at Work, please see Tech Today. Prior to checking in to the appointment, the technician will see the following:

Customer Information card

  • Customer's name is a link that will take you to the customer record
  • Open in New Tab icon Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 1.28.49 PM.pngnext the customer's name will open the record in a different tab.
  • Appointment Type and duration is listed at the top
  • Contact details provide the customer's phone number, email, and address
  • Account Details will list the Central Station, Interactive Service Provider, Sale Rep, Source and Source Campaign, and if previously installed, the name of the technician that did the install.
  • A map of the customer's location. Note: Customer must have a geo-coded address for the map to show the location.
  • On the Way: Clicking this button will send an email to the customer to let them know that the technician is on the way. This step is not necessary and can be skipped.
  • Check In: Clicking this button will keep a record of the time the technician Checked In to the appointment. 

Work Order card

Note: Check In needs to happen prior to updating or editing the equipment items.

  • Work Order ID number is a link that will take you to the Work Order for a full view or to make any edits.
  • Open in New Tab icon Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 1.28.49 PM.pngnext the Work Order ID number will open the record in a different tab.
  • A list of work to be done will be listed here categorized by type (i.e. Install, Service, Removal)
  • Select the Go To My Inventory button to view/manage your inventory if needed.

Notes card

  • Appointment Notes: These are read-only notes that are entered on the appointment. To edit these, go to the appointment and edit them there.
  • Technician Notes: Technicians can add any notes here pertaining to working the appointment. Note: This can be done regardless of check in status.

Customer Installation card

This card is what sets the customer record as Installed. 


Tech at Work after Check In

After checking in to the appointment, Technicians can start editing the work to be done. Here is a list of all the changes to the page after checking in. 

  • Check Out: After checking in, the option to Check out will appear. See more about checking out below.
  • Add Equipment: The Add button on the Work Order card is a shortcut to add customer equipment to the Work Order that will also show on the work to do for the current appointment. 
  • Create Invoice: This is a shortcut to create an invoice that will pre-populate with the items on this page. Edits on this invoice can then be made.
  • Edit Equipment:
    • Bulk Edit: Notice that there are now checkboxes next to the equipment items. Select as many items as you'd like to bulk update. Once at least one item is selected, the Edit button will appear at the top of the page.
    • Single Item Edit: Click on any row to edit one item at a time. 

Navigate away from Tech at Work

While checked in to an appointment, if the Technician navigates to another part of the site, they will see the current appointment in the top. Click on that any time to return to Tech at Work for that appointment.


Tech at Work - Checking Out

There are a few options when checking out. 

  • Check Out: Click the check out button to view a summary of the appointment and confirm check out.
  • Check Out - Unable to Complete: For this option, select the down arrow icon next to the check out button. Use this when the appointment was not completed. After selecting this, a reason will need to be selected. Currently, those reasons are managed by SecurityTrax. Reach out to us to make any edits on this list. 


Tech at Work After Checking Out

After checking out of an appointment, Tech at Work can still be viewed as a mostly read-only page. Technician Notes and Customer Installation cards can still be edited.


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