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Calendar Terms



An Appointment is a scheduled time that a User is assigned to visit a Customer. Appointments. Appointments are managed on the Customer. Appointments are either Technician Appointments or Sales Appointments. A Work Order is required in order for an Appointment to be created. Click here to learn more about Work Orders  and here to learn more about Appointments. 


A location where you can view all scheduled Appointments broken down by hours of the day. Calendar features a variety of filters and settings which you can utilize to see your Appointments. On the Calendar you are also able to move Appointments from one user to another and even lengthen or shorten any selected Appointment. 

Calendar Check in Details

The Calendar Check-in Details provides a breakdown of the Check-In state of the selected Appointment. These are available to the User assigned to the appointment can enter during the Tech Today and Tech At Work Process . This is also available and can be adjusted on the Company Calendar by any User given proper permissions.

  • On The Way - When the Tech has left from Home or Previous Appointment.
  • Checked In - When the Tech has Arrived at the Appointment.
  • Checked Out - When the Tech has Departed the Appointment. 

Calendar Filters

The following filters are available on Company Calendar:

  • Technicians
  • Sales Reps

Calendar Preview
        The Calendar Preview allows you to see easily see and access information relevant to the appointment. The Calendar Preview is seen         when you hover over any Appointment on the Calendar. The Calendar Preview allows the following options to be done:

Select Check-In Details
Edit Appointment
Access the Customer
Access the Map (on your default Map site)
Duplicate the Appointment

Calendar Settings

Calendar Settings allow you to adjust how and what you view on the Company Calendar page. The following options are available:

  • Group Appointments by User - Displays the Calendar as a list of Users with their appointments 
  • View Appointments as List - Displays the Calendar as a list of appointments without the time of day column
    • Note: This option is not available on Mobile
  • See Technician Appointments - Shows Appointments of Calendar Type Install, Service and Removal
  • See Sales Appointments - Shows Appointments of Calendar Type Sales

Calendar Status

The Calendar status is determined based on Check In information on the Appointment. 

  • On Time (Green) - User has checked-in On Time to the Appointment within the scheduled time
  • Late (Yellow) - User has checked-in late to the Appointment.
  • Late (Red) - User has not checked-in to the Appointment and the appointment start time has passed.
  • Done (Green) - User has checked-out of the Appointment within scheduled time.
  • Done (Yellow) - User has checked-out of the Appointment after the scheduled time.

Calendar Sub Types

Calendar Sub Types are set on Company Settings. They allow you to further customize your appointments based on their initial Calendar Type (Sales, Install, Service, Removal).

You can set custom names and color types. These colors will be reflected on the appointments listed on the Company Calendar.

Calendar Summary

The Calendar Summary allows you to easily view the total number of appointments based on the Calendar Type and Sub Type.

Calendar Types

Calendar Types allow the User to break down Appointments into different types.

  • Sales - Used for setting Lead Rep Appointments on a Lead.
  • Install - Intended to be used for the first Appointment on the Customer. 
  • Service - Intended to be used for follow up Appointments on the Customer.
  • Removal - Intended to be used for Appointments on the Customer where equipment is being removed.
  • Time Off - Used to block off a portion of the Calendar for the User.

Date Navigator

When more than one day is selected, the Date Navigator allows you to click on the day you want to jump to and can easily navigate from day to day. 

Date Picker

The Calendar Date Picker allows you to select multiple days to display on the Company Calendar.

Tech Today

Tech Today is the Technician's hub. Includes a list of their appointments for the day and list of on-hand inventory and what is needed to complete all appointments for the day. Click here to learn more.

Tech At Work

Tech at Work is where the Technician has all the tools needed to work the appointment. From here the Technician can also navigate to any part of the site for any reason and easily navigate back to the appointment. To navigate back to Tech Today, select the Tech Today tab or select Tech Today on the breadcrumbs in the secondary navigation bar. Click here to learn more.

Technician Appointments

These Appointments are Appointments which use the Calendar Types or Install, Service and Removal. These Appointments are assigned a User who has the Technician role.

Work Orders

    Work Orders allow you to group multiple Appointments together on a Customer. Click here to learn more.

Sales Appointments

These Appointments are Appointments which use the Calendar Types of Sales. These Appointments are assigned a User who has the Lead Rep role.

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