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4) Continued Usage

Now that you've created and synced the Customer Record, what happens when you make changes in SecurityTrax?

  • Every time you make changes to the Customer Record, the updated information is synced to Rapid Response.  For this reason, you may notice a slight delay when accessing/saving a customer record within SecurityTrax that is synced with Rapid Response.
  • Information synced includes not only information on the main customer page within SecurityTrax, but information from the "Equipment" popup window on a customer record, as well as information from the "Contacts" popup window.
  • **Important**  When adding additional equipment to an existing active account it must be marked as installed and a zone number must be assigned or it will not be pushed over to Rapid Response. 

Account Maintenance

If you need to make adjustments to the Rapid Response credentials from the "Administrative Setup" section of this document, provide these changes to SecurityTrax as soon as possible, as the integration will cease to function if the credentials are changed/invalidated.

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