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Rapid Response

Welcome to the Rapid Response information sync.  Here you'll find details on how to sync customer records from SecurityTrax to Rapid Response. This is a fairly simple process, and learning it is quick.

The syncing includes the following information: Account information (first name, last name, phone numbers, address, abort code, etc.), Emergency Contact Information (names, phone numbers), Equipment Information (name, zone, zone description), etc.

The process is set up to be a streamlined one-way sync.  It happens in real time when pertinent information is saved within SecurityTrax.  This allows you to have users perform all of their daily actions in SecurityTrax rather than constantly switching between SecurityTrax and Rapid Response to manually update information when it changes.

The page and its contents are still a work in progress and will likely be updated, so be sure to check back!


Abort Codes sent to Rapid Response will automatically be stripped of spaces and will ​*not*​ be saved in Rapid Response's system if they contain special characters (special = anything other than alpha-numeric).


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