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Inventory Recipients

An Inventory Recipient is either a user or an office location that is participating in the inventory management system.  A user or office location must have this setting toggled on before they can participate in any inventory-related activities.


View the complete list of terms used in inventory management.

Account Number

A number supplied by the Equipment Vendor that uniquely identifies the Inventory Recipient.

Auto Replenish Flag

A toggle on an Inventory Recipient that designates if they should be included as part of Replenishment activities.


A physical location that the Equipment Vendor distributes equipment from. A list of branches is populated automatically through the integration when using Inventory+.

Default Pickup Branch

The Branch Number specifying which Branch is desired for equipment pickup.  Only applicable if you have selected "Pickup" as the Retrieval Method.

Default Processing Method

The preferred Processing Method for an Inventory Recipient with a specific Equipment Vendor.

Default Retrieval Method

The preferred Retrieval Method for an Inventory Recipient with a specific Equipment Vendor.

Equipment Details Page

When viewing an Inventory Recipient, the page used to override Inventory Template values.

Equipment Item

Represents the items that your company uses in the course of business operations. Note: In SecurityTrax, this list does not contain Equipment Kits, which are treated separately.

Equipment Vendor

A company that sells and distributes equipment to your company.

Inventory Recipient

An entity that participates in your inventory system that can be assigned inventory items. In SecurityTrax, users and office locations can be designated as inventory recipients. 

Inventory Recipient Office Location

An Inventory Recipient that is an office location.

Inventory Recipient User

An Inventory Recipient that is a user.

Inventory Template

Used to specify preferred vendors and desired quantities of Equipment Items for Inventory Recipients. Includes data such as items, Default Vendor, and Minimum Level, and Base Level.

Pickup Branch

The physical location of an Equipment Vendor where Purchase Order Equipment Items will be picked up at.

Processing Method

The method of processing POs. The two available methods are:

  1. Manual – The PO must be emailed or called in to the vendor (will not be sent electronically).
  2. Electronic – The PO will be sent electronically (no manual intervention is required for the vendor to receive the PO).


Allows you to auto-generate Pending Purchase Orders for the desired Type and/or Target. This takes into account minimums and bases set on the Type and/or Target to generate the Pending POs likely needed. An option to not continue with any unneeded Pending POs is available. 

Retrieval Method

Methods of receiving equipment items from the vendor.  Options are Equipment Vendor specific and include branch pickup and various shipping urgencies.

Vendor Details Page

When viewing an Inventory Recipient, the page used to set associations to between the Inventory Recipient and Equipment Vendors.

Vendor Integration

The ability for SecurityTrax to communicate with a vendor electronically.  This provides the ability to submit purchase orders directly to the vendor.  In some cases, there are other capabilities including retrieving order status, etc.


On order for a user or office location to participate in the inventory management system they must be setup as an Inventory Recipient.

  1. Navigate to the desire user or office location.
  2. Click on the Inventory tab.
  3. Toggle on the Inventory Recipient field. 
  4. Complete the rest of the form:
    1. Fill in the Shipping details.  This information will be used when shipping PO equipment.
    2. If using Inventory+ add on:
      1. Specify the Inventory Template that should be used.  Learn more about Inventory Templates.
      2. Toggle Auto Replenish Flag if the user should be included in Replenishment activities.  Failing to toggle this flag will result in needed to create POs manually for the Inventory Recipient.  Learn more about Replenishment.
  5. (Optional) Open the Equipment Details Page if you need to override any values specified by the assigned Inventory Template.
  6. Open Vendor Details Page to setup Inventory Recipient specific details with your Equipment Vendors.
    1. Toggle on the Equipment Vendors that should be associated to the Inventory Recipient.
    2. Set the following details as desired or needed by the Vendor Integration (if using Inventory+):
      • Account Number
      • Default Retrieval Method
      • Default Pickup Branch
      • Default Processing Method.
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