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Inventory Templates

Inventory Templates is a part of the Inventory+ add-on.

Inventory Templates are used to configure preferred vendors and desired quantities of Equipment Items for Inventory Recipients. They include settings for each equipment item including Default Vendor, Minimum Level, and Base Level.  Inventory Recipients can be assigned to one (1) Inventory Template.  It is possible to override the Inventory Template settings on a specific Inventory Recipient if desired.  The combination of the Inventory Template and any overrides will be used when performing Replenishment activities to determine what Equipment Items, in what quantity, and from which Equipment Vendor should be ordered for an Inventory Recipient.


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Auto Replenish Flag

A toggle on an Inventory Recipient that designates if they should be included as part of Replenishment activities.

Base Level

On an Inventory Template, the desired quantity of the equipment item that the recipient should have on hand.

Default Vendor

  • On an Inventory Template, the Equipment Vendor that should be used to order the equipment item from.  
  • On an Equipment Item, the Equipment Vendor that should be used. 
  • On a Purchase Requisition the Equipment Vendor that will be used for the Equipment Item when generating Purchase Orders. 

Default Vendor Priority

The priority by which a Default Vendor is determined.  The following order of priority is used:

  1. An overridden Inventory Template value set specifically on an Inventory Recipient on the Equipment Details Page.
  2. The value set on the Inventory Template applied to the Inventory Recipient.
  3. The value set on the Equipment Item.

Equipment Vendor

A company that sells and distributes equipment to your company.

Equipment List

List of Equipment Items that your company has created. This will likely include panels, sensors, cameras, and other items that your company sells or installs. 

Inventory Recipient

An entity that participates in your inventory system that can be assigned inventory items. In SecurityTrax, users and office locations can be designated as inventory recipients. 

Inventory Recipient Office Location

An Inventory Recipient that is an office location.

Inventory Recipient User

An Inventory Recipient that is a user.

Inventory Template

Used to specify preferred vendors and desired quantities of Equipment Items for Inventory Recipients. Includes data such as items, Default Vendor, and Minimum Level, and Base Level.

Minimum Level

On an Inventory Template, the minimum quantity the recipient can have on-hand before ordering should occur to increase their quantity to the Base Level.


Allows you to auto-generate Pending Purchase Orders for the desired Type and/or Target. This takes into account minimums and bases set on the Type and/or Target to generate the Pending POs likely needed. An option to not continue with any unneeded Pending POs is available. 


While in Company Inventory, click on Inventory Templates in the left menu.

  1. Click Add to create a new inventory template.
  2. Provide a name to used as a reference for the template.
  3. A row for each item in your Equipment List will be shown allowing for the setting of:
    1. Base Level - enter the quantity of the item that the Inventory Recipient should be ordered back up to when performing Replenishment activities.
    2. Min Level - the minimum quantity the Inventory Recipient can have on hand before Replenishment activities should occur to increase their quantity to the Base Level.
    3. Vendor - the Equipment Vendor to be used when creating a PO for the Equipment Item.
  4. Click Save.


Once Inventory Templates have been created they need to be assigned to Inventory Recipients.  

Learn how to assign Inventory Templates.

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