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Quick Start Guide

Welcome to SecurityTrax, the foremost CRM, ERP, and BI solution in the security and connected home industry! Before you begin entering leads and customers, or creating eContracts and processing payments, there's a bit of set up required in order to take advantage of the time saving features found in SecurityTrax.

We strongly urge you to complete all of the self-paced QuickStart Guide as outlined on the following pages. The steps are designed to:

  1. Enter your company specific details
  2. Become familiar with the basics of SecurityTrax
  3. Promote adoption of SecurityTrax across your entire team

For Reference:

Each step you must complete is marked with a circle. Like this:

  • This is an example of the steps you must complete on each page.

Special notes and examples will be in blue boxes.

Warnings will be in yellow boxes.

Thank you again for choosing SecurityTrax as your CRM, ERP, and BI solution. We're excited to be working with you to get SecurityTrax up and running for your business.

The SecurityTrax Onboarding Team



It's essential to have finished all of the steps of the QuickStart Guide before you schedule a training webinar. The webinar is specifically designed to complement the knowledge gained, and will be not be effective if the QuickStart has not been completed.

(If you have any questions about the QuickStart Guide, or just need some extra help, feel free to call our Support line @ 877-735-8303)

During the Training Webinar, you’ll be guided through the following topics: 

  • Permissions
  • Partner Companies
  • Life cycle of a Customer (create a 'Test Account')


In order to schedule a training webinar, please create a Ticket in SecurityTrax and include the following:

  • Summary: "QuickStart Guide Training Webinar"
  • Details: e.g. I have completed the QuickStart Guide and I'm ready for my webinar!


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