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Expanded Setup Guide

The following pages contain a series of self-paced steps which will first teach you how to administer SecurityTrax and second reduce the amount of re-etnry as you set up SecurityTrax for your business. We strongly urge you to complete the steps as outlined on the following pages.

Additionally, it will ensure your version of SecurityTrax will be set up to generate eContracts correctly for your business if applicable.

Each step you must complete is marked with a circle. Like this:

  • This is an example of the steps you must complete on each page.

Special notes and examples will be in blue boxes.

Warnings will be in yellow boxes.

Thank you again for choosing SecurityTrax as your CRM, ERP, and BI solution. We're excited to be working with you to get SecurityTrax up and running for your business.

The SecurityTrax Onboarding Team 



Below is a list of terms and the respective defintions commonly used in SecurityTrax.

ACCESS CODE (eContracts)

4 Digit code that the customer must input to gain access to sign the envelope. This access code is always the last 4 digits of the customer’s SSN. If the customer’s SSN is blank then the code defaults to 1111.


SecurityTrax comes with a Basic Inventory module by default. Enhanced Inventory upgrades SecurityTrax allowing you to set a base and minimum equipment amount for each of your Technicians, then automatic orders can be placed when your Technicians drop below their minimum amounts. The orders can be drop shipped right to the Technicians home or to your Office Location. Additional charges do apply. Contact SecurityTrax for more information.


SecurityTrax term for 'Kit', or a collection of pieces of Equipment that are ordered and shipped from a Vendor together.


A screen used to enter and access all of the relevant information for one of your Customers. There are a series of drop down menus and buttons to control various settings and actions for each Customer.

DOCUMENT (eContracts)

Any contract or form available for signing or filling out within a DocuSign Envelope.

EMBEDDED (eContracts)

The signing takes place on the actual device with which the process is being controlled. No email is sent to the recipient.


A complete list of the employees (Users) entered into your SecurityTrax system. Various levels of access to the Employee Directory can be given to individual Users.

ENVELOPE (eContracts)

A collection of documents (the contract) that will be signed, delivered, and stored during the eContract process.


A 'Leaf Group' relates to Permissions and is a term we created for when a User, typically an owner, who wants to have access to items in the Owners group AND be able to access leads, sell, or install a system.

RECIPIENT (eContracts)

A signer or reviewer of the Envelope in the eContract process. Each recipient will be required to sign, initial, and or confirm before the subsequent recipient receives the contract for signing.


Requests, comments, questions sent from you to the SecurityTrax Support Team through SecurityTrax.

SEND (eContracts)

Initiates envelope work flow and activates the integration with DocuSign.

SERIAL MAN (eContracts)

ADT Number obtained during shelling of an account. It must be input into SecurityTrax in the customer record under the Sale Information section. It will not populate on the actual contract but is transmitted to ADT behind the scenes by SecurityTrax. Failure to input and save the Serial MAN in SecurityTrax prior to finishing your back office review may be cause for rejection of the contract by ADT.

SYNC (eContracts)

The process of data stored in SecurityTrax populating into the envelope. Syncing must be successful prior to “send”.

TEMPLATE (eContracts)

Pre-defined documents, recipients and work flow for a DocuSign Envelope.


Tasks assigned to your Sales Reps or Technicians.


An employee, sales representative, or technician who has access to SecurityTrax and works for/with your company.


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