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ADT Change PreCheck Credit Check Password

The following steps will ensure that you successfully change/update your ADT password inside of SecurityTrax.

Incorrect/outdated passwords are the primary cause for PreCheck/Credit Check failure.

1)    Inside of SecurityTrax, temporarily disable the integration with ADT and Credit Bureaus.

  • Disable ADT integration: Administration -> Global Settings -> Integrations -> ADT -> Uncheck “Enabled” checkbox.
  • Disable Credit Bureaus integration: Administration -> Global Settings -> Integrations -> Credit Bureaus -> Uncheck “Enabled” checkbox.

NOTE: It is important to disable these integrations before changing your passwords on ADT’s site. Otherwise, if someone is working in SecurityTrax and tries to run a PreCheck or Credit Check before updating the new ADT password in SecurityTrax, it's possible that ADT will invalidate the new password (before it's ever even used).

2)    The dealer must change password at ADT’s dealer site. (USE INTERNET EXPLORER)

3)    The dealer must use a password that they’ve NEVER used before.

NOTE: ADT does not warn you that a password change was unsuccessful. This can create the illusion that a password has been changed successfully when in reality nothing has changed. Be sure that it is a completely new password and that you are using Internet Explorer.

4)    The dealer must immediately update this new ADT password inside of SecurityTrax. If you see an error message when you update the PreCheck password in SecurityTrax, ADT didn't accept the password you typed in and you may need to change the password in ADT's site again.  (If you see the error 3+ times with the same password it's almost certain that ADT has invalidated your new password and you'll need to change the password in ADT's site again). To enable both PreCheck and Credit Reports, this must be done in two places:

  • Update password - ADT integration: Administration -> Global Settings -> Integrations -> ADT -> Enter new password.
  • Update password – Credit Bureaus: Administration -> Global Settings -> Integrations -> Credit Bureaus -> ADT -> Enter new password.

NOTE: If the dealer enters the new password incorrectly in SecurityTrax, ADT will likely invalidate the new password and they’ll need to change it again (in ADT’s site).

5)    Re-enable the ADT and Credit Bureau integrations (See Step 1: Re-check the “Enable” checkboxes).

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