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Brinks Prior to Shell Customer Options

Before you shell a customer record with Brinks, there are a few options available to you. 

Available Options

These options can be found by selecting the Customer tab while on a customer record, then navigate to the the Central Station section. While there, select the dropdown button next to Shell Account

Add 2-way device ID to Shell

Select this to add a 2-way device ID prior to shelling the account.

View Event Histories

View All Event Histories or Zone ID event Histories here by selecting from the toggle at the top.

Create eContract

Create an eContract or Unlink an eContract with this selection. Note: Only one option will appear, if no eContract exists you see the Create eContract option. If an eContract exists, you will be able to Unlink it. For more on how to create an eContract see Brinks eContracts.

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