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Using the SecureNet integration within SecurityTrax will allow you to onboard accounts to SecureNet directly from your SecurityTrax Platform. This will not only save you time and effort but increases the accuracy of the data that is sent to SecureNet when creating accounts.

SecureNet requests specific information, which is pushed as part of the integration in SecurityTrax:

Customer Information

  • Account Number
  • Address
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Phone Number(s)
  • Emergency Contact Name
  • Emergency Contact Phone Number

System Information

  • Access Code
  • CS Number
  • Panel ID
  • Panel Type
  • Serial Number(s)
  • Service Plan(s)
  • Site Name
  • Site Number
  • Zone Name(s)/Number(s)

Using the Integration

Create the account by clicking the SecureNet button and review the information that will be sent and make needed changes then click Save.


After the account has been created you have a few options in the drop-down menu.


Summary will give you an overview of the information in SecureNet.


System allows you to select the panel type and enter the serial number and save it in SecureNet.


Users allows you to add users to the system and create a username, password, user id, and panel access code.


Zones allows you to view all zones that have been pushed to SecureNet.


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