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5) Adding an Equipment Vendor

Add one or several of your Equipment Vendors to SecurityTrax. Vendors can be assigned to each individual piece of equipment you enter in the next step.

Entering your Vendor(s) becomes extremely helpful if you've upgraded to Enhanced Inventory (See 'Enhanced Inventory' in Onboarding: Definitions.


To add Vendors follow the steps below.

REMINDER: All BOLD fields are required in order to save.

  • Click on the Administration tab
  • Click Equipment Vendors under Inventory & Equipment
  • Click Add Equipment Vendor
  • Fill in the fields
  • Check the Active checkbox
  • Select the Connector you'd like to use. This is the API built in SecurityTrax used to talk to the Vendor.
  • Click Save
  • Repeat these steps for all of your Equipment Vendors.

If you select Email as part of the Connector you'll need to click Save & Stay then enter the From Name, From Address (Email), To Address (Email), and Delivery Style.

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