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The SalesRabbit integration with SecurityTrax allows pushing customer data from SalesRabbit into SecurityTrax. (Additional charges may apply). This integration can be set up by you if you are an Admin user in SalesRabbit.

As of July 1, 2019 the following features have been changed/added to the SalesRabbit Integration.
1. Previously, only leads could be created in SalesRabbit that ultimately would need to be converted into customers in SecurityTrax. Now the option to create customers automatically in SalesRabit has been added.
2. *NEW* In SalesRabbit you can now "map" your equipment to match your coorosponding equipment in SecurityTrax. This will populate the equipment tab on that customer in SecurityTrax.
3. *NEW* Account Number blocks can now be added to SalesRabbit. This feature can now automatically assign an account number to the customers you create in SalesRabbit.

NOTE: The ability to set up the integration is only available to Admin users in SalesRabbit. This integration enables lead information to be imported into SecurityTrax from SalesRabbit and it will connect those leads to their respective sales reps in both systems.

Data Pushed

Below is a list of the items pushed from SalesRabbit to SecurityTrax with the 'SUBMIT' button in SalesRabbit is clicked:

First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
Address 1
Address 2
City, State, ZIP
Phone 1
Phone 2
Lead Comments
Lead Rep ID

NOTE: Regarding 'Lead Comments': Potentially contains all the other information that a security company may need for a sale. It's pushed into the 'Lead Comment' field in SecurityTrax. Examples include equipment, installation time, etc.

For the SecurityTrax integration, you will need to login to both SecurityTrax and the Sales Rabbit Dashboard.

In SecurityTrax do the following:

  • Click the Administration tab and under the Content Management section click Partner Companies.
  • Click "Add Partner Company".
  • Name it SalesRabbit.
  • Now check the boxes "Sells Customers" and "Sells Leads".
  • Click Save.
  • There will be a new ID for the partner company just created this will be used later in the SalesRabbit setup.

Now in SalesRabbit do the following:

    • Go to Integration
    • Next input your "Site Name". This is found in the URL right after ""

NOTE: Be sure to enter the source ID or site name with all lowercase letters and no spaces as this will not work otherwise.

  • Now input the "Source ID" this is the ID associated with the SalesRabbit partner company you created in SecurityTrax.
  • Click "Save".
  • Next, go to Management>Users in the SalesRabbit dashboard.
  • Open your employee profile in SalesRabbit.
  • Also, open your user profile in SecurityTrax.
  • Your user in SecurityTrax will have an ID associated with it. Copy it.
  • Back in SalesRabbit on the left side of the employee profile page, there will be a section labeled "Personal Information". Halfway down the section, there is a field called "CMS ID's". Just to the right of that field, you will see "Manage ID's" in red.
  • Click on the red "Manage ID's" field and an input box will appear. Here you can add your ID number from your user profile in SecurityTrax.
  • Click "Add ID" and click "Close".

Repeat this process for all of your employees and then their data will sync between SalesRabbit and SecurityTrax.

If you have any problems call SalesRabbit support @ 801-418-9009 or email

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