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The following is provided directly from ADT.

What is an API shell?

An order that contains the full order information including customer credit, equipment, payment information, and service package. The order is no longer in Pre-check status.

Can I call Dealer Support to check my NAPE?

Yes, however, you must build an API shell prior to calling.

Why do I have to include an upsell with my order?

Per Exhibit B, all ADT bundled packages include a key fob, smoke or carbon. The contract now reflects which one of these the customer received.

Why is the name on the contract sometimes different than the name provided on the order?

Since the credit holder must sign the contract, the customer's legal name, as listed with Equifax, will appear on the contract.

Is proof of payment still required?

Yes. The proof is part of the contract. As long as the value shown above the customer's signature meets the install revenue requirement, there will not be a PPR for missing install rev. Please see example below:

adt faq.png

I noticed some of the sections are missing information on the new contract. Why is that?

ADT decided to remove a lot of sensitive information from the contracts to not only protect the consumer but also to streamline the audit process.

Is my active order protected under 1st Ink?

Yes, as long as your active order is not in Pre-check status, your API shell is protected.

I have a paper contract, can I skip the contract step of the new order flow and shell an account number?

No, this flow requires a signed electronic contract before creating the actual account.

I need to make a change to a contract the customer has already signed. What do I do?

As long as the order is not in Cancelled or Submitted status, ADT will allow 1 Amended contract to be sent to the customer and signed.

Is there an option to create clean up contracts through the new process?

At this time this option is not available. If the Best Practices are followed below, the chances for cleanup should be very small.

I am having trouble with an order, who can I call for help?

If you are having an issue, please first contact the support team for the application you are using, such as FillQuick or SecurityTrax. If that team is unable to help, reach out to your Dealer Support region.

I have a "Takeover" or "Existing Account". How do I process this order through the ADT Integration?

For takeover or existing accounts make sure that at least one of the pieces of equipment on the customer is one of the required pieces of equipment for the Package sold (e.g. Smoke Detector, Glassbreak, Key fob, etc). Even if you didn't sell the equipment to the customer, make sure you have listed at least one of them.

Best Practices

Leave the order in Submission Pending status (do not confirm the order) until the tech is on site.

  • By doing this, the tech can confirm what is being installed and if any changes need to be made 1 Amended contract can be sent and signed by the customer
  • Also, by leaving in Submission Pending, the dealer's admin team will have a chance to look over the contract for errors

Before confirming the order check for:

  • The customer's signature does not read something completely different than what is listed at the top
  • The Install Rev is not 0.00 and meets the minimum requirement for funding

Be careful when installing Pulse level 2

  • We have now broken out Pulse 2 for either Home Control or Video
  • Be sure when choosing level 2 the equipment on the equipment section matches the selection
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