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Work Order/Appointment Sheets

Work Order/Appointment sheets are printed versions of Tech at Work. These sheets are useful for technicians to have printed out prior to the appointment so they can take with them when they anticipate not having access to Tech at Work via a mobile device. 

Work Order/Appointment sheets can be printed out any time after an appointment has been created. 

How to manage Work Order/Appointment Sheets

Follow these steps to view, print, or send a Work Order/Appointment sheet:

  1. While on a customer record, navigate to the desired Work Order.
  2. On the Work Order, navigate to the Send tab.
  3. On the Sent tab, select the Appointment you wish to view, print, or send.
  4. To Email:
    1. Type in a user's (usually the technician) to email a copy of the sheet.
    2. Click on Send.
  5. To View/Print:
    1. Click on Preview. A copy of the sheet will be downloaded to your computer.
    2. Open the pdf to view and print.



Please be aware that aside from the customer and customer work order permissions, users will need the following permission to print this sheet:

  • Print Appointment Sheet grant in the Calendar Events section.
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