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How to Manage Customer Tags

Check all Customer tags documentation and if it references the location, make sure that is updated to state that tags are on every Customer tab.

Customer tags are located on the customer's record while on every page. To see all the ways you can navigate to a customer's record, click here: Customer Management FAQs.


To view all customer tags 

  1. While on the customer record, click on the Tag icon Tag_Icon.jpg .
  2. A window will appear with all the current customer tags.


To view (expand) all customer tags

1. When many tags are applied to a customer record, some of the tags may be hidden. To view all applied tags click the Expand icon Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 4.30.20 PM.png.


To apply customer tags

  1. Click on the Tag icon  Tag_Icon.jpg
  2. In the Tags window, select the desired tag(s) to be applied to the customer's account. 
  3. To close the tags window, click the Close icon Close_Icon2.jpg  in the top right corner. 


To remove customer tags 

  1. Click the Close icon Close_Icon2.jpg on the tag you wish to delete.  
  2. A window will appear to confirm that you want to delete the tag. To confirm, click Delete again.


To create customer tags 

  1. Click the Tag icon Tag_Icon.jpg .
  2. In the Tags window, click on Create New Tag.
  3. A new section will appear in the window. Type the new tag name in the Name field. 
  4. Click the Checkmark icon Checkbox_Blue.jpg to save and apply the new tag to the customer record.


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