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How To Duplicate a Customer


The Duplication Process is an option that exists on the customer that allows a client to create a duplicate of a Customer in SecurityTrax. 



The entity in SecurityTrax which is being copied, as well as the entiry that will be created.

Datapoint Name

The name of the data point on the Customer in SecurityTrax.

Customer Value

The value of the Datapoint Name on the Customer who is being duplicated.



  1. While on the Customer, navigate to the Customer tab.
  2. While on the Customer tab, select the Duplicate button.
  3. A modal will open titled Duplicate with the Customer name.
    • This modal contains a list of all fields that you can duplicate on the customer with both the Datapoint Name and Customer Value.
  4. Enter in the First Name and Last Name of the Customer that will be created. 
  5. Set the slider to active for all desired items which you would like to copy over in the duplicate process.
    • Note: Any required field will show a red dot in front of the Datapoint Name. These fields are unable to be turned off.
    • Note: ADT has more required fields than non ADT customers.
  6. Once all desired items have had their slider set to active, select Save.
  7. Upon Save you will be redirected to the new duplicated Customer.  


The following permissions are required in order to duplicate a customer. 

Customer Permissions

  • Customer (Resource Type)
    • View (Grant)
    • Create (Grant)
    • Duplicate Customer (Grant)
  • Lead Source Information (Resource Type)
    • View
    • Modify

System Management Permissions

  • Customer Duplicate Defaults (Resource Type)
    • View (Grant)

Keep in mind that duplicating a customer is similar to creating a customer and applicable permissions, as related to creating a customer, should be considered.

For example, if you are attempting to duplicate customer who has an Account Class, but you do not have the Modify Account Class (Grant) on the Customer (Resource Type), then you will not be able to duplicate the Account Class when you are duplicating the customer. 

Also, any value that you do not have permission to view will not be duplicated over as well. For example, if you do not have the permission in order to see the Sales Information section on a customer, that the information in that section will not be duplicated over.


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