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How to Manage Customer Sale Information

In this section of a customer record, you will see all the details on the customer's Sale Information. 

To view the Sale Information

  1. While in a Customer record, click on the Customer tab.
  2. Navigate to the Sale Information section.


To Edit the Sale Information

  1. Click on the Edit icon on the top right.
  2. Make any desired changes and click Save.


To Cancel an Account

  1. Click on Cancel Account at the top of the Sale Information section.
  2. Enter the Cancelation Date and the Reason.
  3. Click Confirm Cancelation.
  4. The account has now been Canceled. Cancelation Details now show at the top of the Sales Information section. 


Cancelation Info

  1. Click Cancelation Info to view the details of the Cancelation.
  2. To revert the account back, click Reverse Cancelation
  3. To confirm, click Confirm Reversal.


To Apply an Order Template

  1. Click Apply Template at the top of the Sale Information section.
  2. In the Apply Order Template window, select a template.
  3. Optional: Select an equipment package
    • Note: equipment package options will change based on the template selected.
  4. Optional: Select to auto-create a quote or invoice
    • Note: The quote or invoice will be auto-filled with any relevant items from the selected template and equipment package
  5. Click Save.

Note: An order template can also be applied to a customer during the customer creation process using the customer create wizard.

To view Lead Details

Customers that were converted from Leads will have a Lead Details icon in the Sale Information section.

  1. In the Sales Information section, click the Lead Details icon Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 3.35.11 PM.png.
  2. Here you can view (read-only) details about the record's lead information.


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