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How to Manage Customer Credit Checks

To view customer credit checks 

  1. While on the customer record, click Customer on the Left nav. 
  2. Click Qualify on the top right.
  3. On the Qualify window you will see the Credit Reports section.

To apply or unapply a credit report to a customer record

  1. In the Qualify window, on the Credit Reports section click Apply to apply a credit report to the customer record.
  2. Click Unapply to unapply a credit report to a customer record.


To run a customer credit check 

  1. On the Qualify window select Run Credit.
  2. In the Run Credit section fill out required fields.
    • Note: If the customer has lived less than 6 months at their current address, you may need to click the Previous Address toggle and enter the previous address for the customer.
  3. Click Run Credit.


To manually enter a credit score 

  1. On the Qualify window select Manual Entry.
  2. In the Run Credit section fill out the Credit Score manually.
  3. Click Save Credit.


ADT - Verify with ADT

If you have a valid Application ID on the customer, and the customer is set with a monitoring company that is connected to the ADT integration you can click this button to verify that the name you have in SecurityTrax and the name ADT/Equifax shows are the same or if their is a discrepancy. If there is a discrepancy a warning will show on the Customer page from then on after you click that Verify with ADT button. This was implemented to help dealers know if they will have issues with the name on the contract well before you are actually sending the contract to the customer. 


Brinks - HART

HART is a credit report aggregator which provides access to all three of the main credit reporting bureaus. BRINKS dealers are required to use HART as the method of obtaining credit reports and the primary bureau used should be TransUnion. Each credit report generated through SecurityTrax creates a 'HART Transaction ID' which BRINKS receives behind the scenes and uses to obtain authorized secondary use of the credit report. 

To obtain HART credentials to enter into SecurityTrax, please download and follow the instructions found on the HART Account Setup Form.

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