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How to Manage Dispatch Instructions

To add/edit dispatch instructions

  1. While on the customer page, click System.
  2. Scroll down to the Central Station section.
  3. If the account has been shelled, click Manage Account.
  4. While on the General page, click General Dispatch Instructions.
  5. Enter the Effective Date and Expiration Date range for the instructions to be used.
    • Note: If the Is Permanent slider is set to On, the Expiration Date is ignored.
  6. Enter the Instructions for the agency to follow for the selected date range.
    • Note: Once a date has been entered, an additional dispatch row is automatically created. 
  7. Once all desired dispatch instructions have been entered, click Save.

To set a dispatch row as permanent

  1. If a set of dispatch instructions is meant to be effective permanently, click the Permanent slider on that row.
  2. Click Save.
    • Note: The row(s) marked as permanent will be set once saved. 
  3. Repeat these two steps to reset the row of instructions to no longer be permanent.

To delete a dispatch row

  1. If a dispatch instruction row is no longer needed, click the Delete slider.
  2. Click Save.
    • Note: The row(s) marked for deletion will be removed once saved. 
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