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Manage an Customer Account with API Monitoring

To learn more about connecting an account with API Monitoring see Create a Customer with API Monitoring.

View the API Customer Account

  1. While on the customer record, select the Customer tab.
  2. Navigate to the Central Station section. 
  3. Select the Manage button.

Managing the Account

Manage the API customer account through SecurityTrax. Here is what you can do from there.

General tab

Unlink Account

Unlinking the account does not delete the account with API Monitoring or in SecurityTrax. Clicking this button will just break the link.

Customer Information

This is the top section of the page and contains the customer's information. Note: This section is not editable.

Emergency Contacts

View a list of Emergency Contacts here. Note: This information is coming from API Monitoring. 


These are the zones for the equipment. If zones are entered directly with API Monitoring, we do our best to map them to the equipment in SecurityTrax, but there are instances where these will not line up. In those situations you will see those zones listed out separately. Zone Event Types can be updating by selecting the zone row.


Tests Tab

This tab will show you the current status of the account

On Test

If the account is On test, you will see details of the current test here. You can set the account Off test by selecting on Place Off Test.  

Off Test

If the account is Off test, you can set the account On test by selecting on Place On Test.  

Place on Test
  1. Select the Place On Test button.
  2. Fill out the required details.
  3. Click Save.


Event History

Here, you can see a history of events for the account.

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