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Pending Purchase Orders

A PO that has not been finalized.  The inventory system uses Pending Purchase Orders in numerous places to assist you in finalizing the details needed before generating a Purchase Order

Pending purchase orders only exist in real-time and are not saved around for later use.  This is because inventory levels of Inventory Recipients is very fluid and you should always create your Purchase Orders "just in time".


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Equipment Item

Represents the items that your company uses in the course of business operations. Note: In SecurityTrax, this list does not contain Equipment Kits, which are treated separately.

Equipment Vendor

A company that sells and distributes equipment to your company.

Pickup Branch

The physical location of an Equipment Vendor where Purchase Order Equipment Items will be picked up at.

Purchase Requisitions

Purchase Requisitions are used by Inventory Recipients to request Equipment Items.  Purchase Requisitions can then be converted into Purchase Orders.

Processing Method

The method of processing POs. The two available methods are:

  1. Manual – The PO must be emailed or called in to the vendor (will not be sent electronically).
  2. Electronic – The PO will be sent electronically (no manual intervention is required for the vendor to receive the PO).

Purchase Order (PO)

An order for one or more Equipment Items or Equipment Kits with a specific Equipment Vendor. Includes an Inventory Recipient and other related details that determine shipping location and method.


Allows you to auto-generate Pending Purchase Orders for the desired Type and/or Target. This takes into account minimums and bases set on the Type and/or Target to generate the Pending POs likely needed. An option to not continue with any unneeded Pending POs is available. 

Retrieval Method

Methods of receiving equipment items from the vendor.  Options are Equipment Vendor specific and include branch pickup and various shipping urgencies.


Pending Purchase Orders are created in the following places in SecurityTrax:

Updating pending purchase orders

It is possible to update all information on a Pending Purchase Order including adjusting desired quantities and even adding new Equipment Items.

To Edit a Pending Purchase Order click on the Pencil icon.

  1. Update any of the vendor specific fields:
    1. Pickup Branch - the physical location to pickup the equipment if "Pickup" is the selected Retrieval Method.
    2. Retrieval Method - how you will be receiving the equipment.
    3. Processing Method - how the PO will be sent to the Equipment Vendor.
  2. Update the Equipment Items to be ordered:
    1. Use the arrows or the buttons to set the desired quantity to be ordered.
      1. Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 2.42.02 PM.png Will quickly set the quantity to order to 0.
      2. Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 2.44.00 PM.pngWill quickly set the quantity to order to the Base Level (the Replenish action will set to this value automatically).
  3. Click Review.
  4. A summary of the Pending Purchase Order will be displayed for your review and confirmation.
  5. Press Save.

Converting to a purchase order

Once all desired edits have been made to the Pending Purchase Order it can be converted to a Purchase Order.

  1. Press Save.
  2. A confirmation screen will appear asking you to review and verify the details.
    1. The review will include:
      1. The Equipment Vendor.
      2. The total number of items to ordered.
      3. The Processing Method for the Purchase Order.
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