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Company Aging Report

The company aging invoice report provides a summary of outstanding balances categorized into different time periods. The report includes columns for pending payments, current balances, balances due within 30 days, balances due within 60 days, balances due within 90 days, and a total balance outstanding. This report helps businesses track and analyze their receivables based on the length of time the balances have been outstanding. It provides a clear snapshot of the financial health of the company and aids in managing cash flow, identifying overdue payments, and prioritizing collections efforts.



To access the Company Aging Invoice Report, navigate to the Company Accounting section in the main navigation menu. From there, click on "Aging Invoices" in the left navigation menu.

Upon entering the Aging Invoices section, the report will automatically run, displaying all outstanding balances categorized into 30, 60, or 90 days. To refine the results, you can utilize the available filters to narrow down the report based on customer types and balance category owed. This enables you to focus on specific subsets of customers and their corresponding outstanding balances, providing you with a more targeted view of your accounts receivable.

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