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How to Manage a DocuSign Integration

This document will explain how to manage DocuSign as an Electronic Document Provider. 

Permissions needed: 

  • Electronic Document Provider - View and Create
  • Electronic Document Provider Config - Modify

To Add an Electronic Document Provider

  1. While logged into SecurityTrax, click on the Company Menu icon Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 1.29.49 PM.png.
  2. Under Admin, select Company Settings.
  3. In the Integrations section, select Electronic Document Providers.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. Give the Electronic Document Provider a name and select DocuSign in the type dropdown.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Navigate to the Integration tab.
  8. Select the DocuSign environment you would like to connect to.
  9. Click Save.
  10. You will now see the Electronic Document Provider you just created on the list. 

To view/update your Electronic Document Provider settings

  1. While in the Electronic Document Provider page, select the provider from the list.
  2. Manage or view the Name and Active status on the General tab.
  3. Manage or view the Integrations Settings on the Integrations tab.
  4. Make all needed changes.
    Note: All required fields will be pre-populated.
  5. Click Save.

To Configure the integration

  1. While in the Integration tab, you must first select the Environment before you can authorize via OAuth.
    • Note: Button is disabled until environment is selected

Ways to oAuth with DocuSign

Dealer is logged into DocuSign:

  • When the dealer is logged in to DocuSign in another tab:
    • The auth will seamlessly happen and dealer will be redirected to the SecurityTrax with the authentication


Dealer Not logged into DocuSign

  • When the dealer is not logged in to DocuSign in another tab:
    • Dealer will be prompted to sign into their DocuSign account for the authentication
    • Dealer will be redirected to the SecurityTrax with the authentication


Dealer revoked auth to SecurityTrax in DocuSign

  • When the dealer has revoked SecurityTrax  in DocuSign:
    • Dealer will be prompted to allow permission for SecurityTrax
    • Dealer will be redirected to the SecurityTrax with the authorization


Dealer refused to auth to SecurityTrax in DocuSign

  • When the dealer does not Allow SecurityTrax access:
    • Dealer will see errors in SecurityTrax and not be allowed to continue


View/Edit connected record

Once connected with oAuth, users will be able update the config and re-authorize as needed.

  • Note: There is no API Username and Service Password data points


View/Edit connected record (previous to using OAuth)

Current dealers that have the API Username and Service password already saved, will see the OAuth button.

  • Once the OAuth is used, the API Username and Service Password are removed.


Embedded Signing

When Embedded Signing is on in the settings, there will be an option to turn that on or off for the signees in the envelope. This is simply saying, if on, that this is an option on the envelope level. 

Embedded signing provides a button on the envelope that will open DocuSign from the software. This is usually used for clients that are with their customers and want them to sign then and there as opposed to waiting for the customer to get an email and sign at their leisure. 

Role Information 

Roles can be set for the dealer here. Assign a person and email to a role to be auto-filled in the document/contract. Default roles are read-only, but the dealer can ask for more roles to be added. 

Static Values

Similar to Roles, the dealer can assign data to a field to be added to the document/contract. 

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