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API Monitoring

Use the API Monitoring integration within SecurityTrax to create and manage customers in your API Monitoring account without leaving SecurityTrax. This document guides you through the setup steps.


First, you need to create the desired Monitoring Company in SecurityTrax by following the steps here. Return to this page when complete.


Integration Settings 

To set up the Integration, select the Integrations tab. Below are descriptions of the fields on this page.

Account Status

Displays the account status, which informs you whether the account is successfully connected.

Manage Connection

Select this button to add or edit your dealer username and password with API Monitoring.


Make sure this slider is set to On in order for this integration to appear on the customer record.

Cache Enabled

Set this to On if you would like to enable cache.


A password recognized by API Monitoring.

Dealer Number

A specific number given to each dealer from API Monitoring.


Account Number Blocks 

Account number blocks are assigned by the Central Station. If you have an Account Number Block from them, you can add that here. This allows you to select the next account number on a customer record.

Select the Account Number Blocks tab to add account number blocks. Then follow these steps:

  1. Select the Add button.
  2. Set the beginning and end of the block.
  3. Set the receiver number.
  4. Set the two-way flag, if desired.
  5. Enable the block.
  6. Click Save.

Note: Once an account number block is set as Inactive, it cannot be made active again.


Creating a Customer Account with API Monitoring

To connect a customer account, see Create a Customer with API Monitoring.

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