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Postman is a powerful HTTP client for testing the SecurityTrax API by displaying requests and responses.

Using Postman


  1. Get an integrator key.
  2. Download and install Postman:
  3. Click the Run in Postman button corresponding to the desired collection from the list above. This sets up the Postman UI and downloads the collection.
  4. Configure the Postman Authorization header.
  5. Create and configure an environment that defines the variables used in our endpoints. An environment template is provided for you in the collection and accessed via Manage Environments in Postman settings. Define these variables:
Select the appropriate API Services URL. The default staging URL is:
The key you were assigned in step 1.
Usernames are unique for each environment and each company.  You will receive a development environment username and password for our sandbox when you are assigned an integrator key.  In order to get credentials to a company’s SecurityTrax system they will need to create a user account for you and provide the associated credentials.
The password associated with the username.
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