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Updating Customer Confirmation Numbers


Posting to SecurityTrax is done via raw http post. In order to perform this action you will need the following information:


Partner ID

This is the unique ID that SecurityTrax assigns to the partner company. Source ID Provided by the company using SecurityTrax.


Set by company using SecurityTrax. Provided by them.


Set by company using SecurityTrax. Provided by them.


The unique SecurityTrax ID of the customer you wish to update.


The value to be set for the confirmation number.

Address Information



Sample Request

The following is an example of a valid request.

<?xml version='1.0'?>
        <request type='GetSystemAuthentication'>
            <attribute name='Username'>Username</attribute>
            <attribute name='Password'>Password</attribute>
            <attribute name='PartnerID'>1</attribute>
        <request type="UpdateConfirmationNumberBySecurityTraxUniqueID">
            <attribute name='SecurityTraxUniqueID'>206</attribute>
            <attribute name='ConfirmationNumber'>8887771234</attribute>



Sample Response

The following is an example of a successful response.

        <response type="GetSystemAuthentication" success="true">
                <message>Authenticated To System</message>
    <response type="UpdateConfirmationNumberBySecurityTraxUniqueID" success="true">
            <message>Successfully set customer Receiver Number: 206</message>


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