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DocuSign Setup and Usage - ADT Specific

SUMMARY: Welcome to eContracts! Here you will find help with onboarding and using eContracts. This is a multi-step process involving multiple parties that can take some time. Be patient. You must be successfully promoted to the production environment by ADT before eContracts will be accepted by ADT for funding.

DocuSign Production

  1. Read the eContract Provisioning Guide.
  2. Complete the eContract Provisioning Form.
  3. Wait for confirmation that your dealer has been provisioned in DocuSign Production by ADT.
  4. Wait for confirmation that SecurityTrax has been configured with your DocuSign Production account details.

Getting Trained

Great, you're all set up in DocuSign and SecurityTrax is all configured and ready to go. Let's get you started!

  1. Work with Dealer Support to understand the contract in general. Do not attempt to jump into eContracts without first understanding ADT's expectations and guidelines for filling out the contract generally.
  2. Read the DocuSign Usage training material.
  3. Reach out to your Securitytrax Account Manager for additional training as necessary.

SUMMARY: When getting started with eContracts it is critical to understand the process will only prefill as much data as it can. If that data (equipment, monitoring rates, etc, etc) have not been filled out in SecurityTrax, we cannot populate the data in DocuSign.

It is critical you learn and understand how SecurityTrax works before attempting to use the DocuSign integration. You will need a firm understanding of each of the data elements in SecurityTrax and how they relate to the contract.


Envelope - A collection of documents (the contract) that will be signed, delivered, and stored during the eContract process.

Template - Pre-defined defined documents, recepients, and work flow for a DocuSign Envelope .

Document - Any contract or form available for signing/filling out within a DocuSign Envelope.

Recepient - A signer or reviewer of the Envelope in the eContract process. Each recipient will be required to sign, initial, and or confirm before the subsequent recipient receives the contract for signing.

Embedded - The signing takes place on the actual device with which the process is being controlled. No email is being sent to the recipient. 

Sync - The process of data stored in SecurityTrax populating into the envelope. Syncing must be successful prior to "Send". 

Send - Initiates the envelope workflow and activates the integration with DocuSign

Access Code - 4 digit code that customer must input to gain access to sign the envelope. This access code is always the last 4 digits of the customer's SSN. If the customer's SSN is blank, then the code defaults to 1111.

Serial MAN - ADT Number obtained during shelling of an account. It must be input into SecurityTrax in the customer record under the 'Sale Information' section. It will not populate on the actual contract but IS transmitted to ADT behind the scenes by SecurityTrax. Failure to input and save the Serial MAN in SecurityTrax prior to finishing your back office review may be cause for rejection of the contract by ADT. 

Preparing the eContract

It is important to understand that all contractual and additional information that will be input in the contract can, and in some instances, must be populated directly from SecurityTrax. Therefore, it is imperative that you understand how to input data in the proper fields within the customer record in SecurityTrax. Information on creating a customer within SecurityTrax can be found here

In order to have a complete eContract when you 'send' an envelope for signing it is suggested that you have the following fields filled out on a customer record in SecurityTrax:

- Office Location

- First Name, Last Name

- Address (including Street, City, State, and Zip). 

- Primary Phone

- Email address **You CANNOT create an eContract envelope without an email address for the customer**

- Social Security Number

- Account Type

- Sold By **This always has to be complete so that the envelope can be created and the sales rep can sign within the 'Sales Rep' Template**

-  Monthly Monitoring Charge

- Monitoring Plan

- Contract Term

- Activation fee (converts to 'installation fee' on the actual contract)

- Dealer Number

- Confirmation Number (depending on when you have this number, it can be filled into SecurityTrax prior to envelope creation, or it can be manually input on the contract during the technician's signing role).

- Emergency Contacts: including Police, Fire, Medical. (The Emergency Contacts will appear on the eContract during the first recipients role. However the Police, Fire, Medical will not populate onto the eContract until the back office review stage of the process). 

- Billing Information: including payment details.

In addition to above fields, the following fields can be filled in BEFORE or AFTER the envelope is created (BEFORE: if the information is available. AFTER: during the back office review stage.)

- ADT Customer # / Serial MAN. (both are obtained when shelling the account to ADT).

- Account #

Be sure to click "Save" once you've inupt all of this information, before syncing an envelope. 

Creating the eContract Envelope

Now that the customer record is prepared you may move on to creating the eContract for the customer. To do this you click on the 'DocuSign' button within the customer's record. It will bring up a new window that will allow you to choose a template from the dropdown. Choosing the appropriate template is a function of how and who will be presenting the eContract to the customer, i.e. a sales rep or a technician. The signing process varies slightly by those two template choices. Once you select the template click 'Save', and the envelope will be created. There are several functions that can be performed in this window, and you need to be aware of that some designations may or may not be used (depending on the type of envelope you are using and how the customer will sign). We wil break these up into topics and explain the individually. 

Adding a Document to your Envelope

To add an additional Document to your envelope you click on the add document button at the bottom of the window. This will take you back to the window to choose a template. You will now see in the dropdown some additional offerings. Select the 'Extras' template that corresponds with the original template you chose (i.e. Sales Rep or Technician). This will then bring up an additional dropdown where you may choose the extra document that you wish to add to the envelope. Select that document and click 'Save'. You will be brought back to the envelope window. 

Embedded Signing

Under the Recepients section you will notice a column labeled as 'Emedded'. If the box is check in this column, the experience for the recipient signing will be embedded. If it is not check, then the recipient will receive an email that will direct them to the signing experience. Several boxes are checked as 'Embedded' by default and in most cases should remain that way. However, you have the ability to check or uncheck the embedded boxes as you deem appropriate. If you plan to consistently change what boxes are checked by default, it is best to ask SecurityTrax to change the defaults for you.


Once you have any additional documents added to the envelope and have confirmed which reipients should be chcked 'Embedded', you are now ready to sign. Signing cannot happen until you prepare the eContract by syncing the data you have saved in SecurityTrax with the envelope in DocuSign. You do this by simply clicking the Sync button. You must wait for the data to sync, kindly be patient as this process occurs. Once the system is done syncing a yellow notification box will appear at the top of the window that says 'Successfully Synced'. Your contract is now ready to be sent for signing. 

Sending the Contract for Signing

After successfully syncing the envelope, click 'Send' at the bottom of the window. This will send the envelope to the first recipient and begin the processs of getting all the necessary signatures and remaining information to complete and execute the contract (As explained above, keep in mind that the recipients will receive the contract for signing either as embedded, or will be sent to them through email for signing).

Note: You MUST have a technician assigned and an appointment for the Customer in order to successfully create an eContract envelope. This is done by actually scheduling the installation appointment for that customer within SecurityTrax, including assinging a technician to that install appointment.  To avoid any errors, if for any reason you plan to have your customers sign the eContract prior to you scheduling the installation and assigning a technician, SecurityTrax can hard code in a static technician so that the Role within the eContract signing process is always filled.

Signing the eContract

Once you have "Sent" the envelope the recipients will sign the contract in the order that they are listed. Any subsequent recipient in the workflow will not be able to sign until the previous recipient has completed their signing. For 'Embedded' signing, the recipient will need to sign on the device in which you are working on. A "Sign Here!" link will appear next to the recipient name (Remember if the box is check ot "Embedded': the recipient will need to go to their email to access the DocuSign interface).

When you click "Sign Here", please expect the following:

  • Request for Signature window will open. This allows the recipient to "review documents", "decline" to sign, "Finish Later", or "Sign on Paper". 
    • Click 'Consent' to be able to sign electronically, then choose 'Review Documents'.
  • Adopt a Signature. If the recipient has not previously used DocuSign, the system will ask them to adopt a signature and initials. They can choose from a number of present fonts or actually draw their signature.
  • Recipients will be stepped through the signing process. 

Technician/Sales Rep signing

The first recipient is always either the Technician or the Sales Rep (depending on the template you have chosen). When they sign there will be some fields that are editable for them, indicated by a gray outline surrounding the field. Examples include: names, addresses, alternate phone numbers, a variety of check boxes, equipment etc. If all information was in put in Securitytrax you will see that same information populated onto the contract. There is a "Next" button that will appear on the left side of the contract. The recipient can hit that button and be taken to the next mandatory step in the signing experience; which is either a signature, or initial field, or a mandatory field to be completed. Mandatory fields are outlined in red. By continuing to click "Next" they will be taken page by page through the contract stopping at any mandatory fields or signatures. To sign, the recipient simply clicks on the "sign here" tabs and their adopted signature will be placed on the contract. When all the required items are complete a "Confirm Signing" button will appear. The recipient clicks to confrim signing and is finshed. Immediately you will be taken back to the SecurityTrax DocuSign window where you will now see a "completed" next to that recipient under the 'status' column. The Customer is now ready for signing.

Customer Signing

For an embedded signing, your technician/sales rep simply hands their device to the customer who clicks "sign here". At this point they will be prompted to input an 'Access Code' (see Terminology section for 'Access Code'). Next, they will be given the opportunity to choose "Review Documents", adopt a signature if they're  new to DocuSign, and then the contract will open for them. The customer will simply click on all the 'sign here' or 'initial here'  tabs throughout the enevelope. They can read and review the contract as they sign, or scroll through and review before ever placing a signature on the envelope. When done they will Conrim Signing, and they will be taken backt to the SecurityTrax DocuSign window. The tech/sales rep would take back the device, and you will notice that both the Customer recipient and the Customer Carbon Copy recipient are now showing completed. A copy of the contract has been emailed to the customer and the next recipient is ready to sign. 

NOTE: 'Sales Rep' template ONLY. When using the Sales Rep template there is an additional technician recipient AFTER the Customer has signed. We suggest that you keep this recipient as an embedded signer so that regardlesss of which tech does the install, they can simply open DocuSign under the customer record, and click "sign here" next to the recipient to gain access ot the envelope. His only task is to click approved once he is in the envelope and input the Confirmation number recieved during the install. He confirms this by signing and then the envelope is sent to the next recipient (which is your Back Office Review). 

Back Office Signing

The last step is the Back Office review. The recipient is the email address that you set up for this role when you were provisioned you DocuSign account by ADT. Once all previous recipients have completed signing, the envelope is sent to your back office email address. you will log in to the DocuSign console using that email and enter the envelope to review and confirm signing. This is  your opportunity to do a final review of the contract for accuracy, as well as input any final data fields that might be required for funding, including monitoring account number, dealer license number, police, fire, medical, and Proof of Payment form, etc. (If you process payments through SecurityTrax it will be pre-filled). Once you have done a thorough review, added any additional information, and you are satisfied, sign the document as the 'Authorized representative of the Dealer' and confirm signing. You are now finished; ADT receives the completed envelope and beings to process it for funding.

As a courtesy SecurityTrax will attach a copy of the completed contract to the customer record inside of SecurityTrax so that you can access and review it at any time. It will be found in the "Files" section within the Customer record. 

Additional Notes:

For Manual billing or 'invoicing' in SecurityTrax you must check the 'invoicing' box at the bottom of the customer page under the installation and equipment section. Then fill out the info in the Billing tab and inicate the frequency of the billing, annually, quarterly, etc. If Monthly is check it won't up on the eContract, but cant be written in manually. Just check the 'other' box and type it in. Typing in the billing info and properly slecting credit card or ACH will cause those sections in the Contract to be populated. 

For the test envelopes that you are required to complete during the staging process, you may need to input some fake billing information. In order not to receive an error for these test envelopes you should use 4111111111111111 as the credit card number.


  1. Q: When must the Serial MAN be entered?

    A: Anytime before the Back Office role has completed the signing process.

  2. Q: What does it mean when a recipient is embedded?

    A: Embedded recipients will not receive an email with a link or instructions for signing. Conversely if a role is not embedded, the recipient will recieve an email and signing is done outside of SecurityTrax.

  3. Q: I've hit sync, why don't I see data in the appropriate field during the signing process?

    A: The data will not physically appear on the contract until the role assigned to those fields/elements has completed signing.
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