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How to Run a Precheck on a Lead

Precheck is available on Leads for ADT Dealers only as a way to qualify a customer.

PreCheck on Create

  1. While creating a Lead, you will see a PreCheck section at the bottom.
  2. To run a PreCheck make sure the slider is on.
  3. Select the Monitoring Company and add a Dealer number if available.
  4. Click Save.
    • When you click Save, the PreCheck will run and the results will be visible on the Lead tab of a Lead record in the Central Station section.

PreCheck on Existing Lead

  1. On the Lead tab, in the Central Station section make sure there is a Monitoring Company selected.
  2. Next, click Precheck on the Central Station section.
    • Note: This section is only visible for ADT Dealers.
  3. You can click on PreCheck at any time to run a PreCheck again.
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