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How to Manage Recurring Invoices

Recurring Invoices are a way to set up a monthly billing for your clients to happen automatically. Set the start date, recurrence, end date, and other details. SecurityTrax will then generate an Invoice as per the details set here. 

Navigate to recurring invoices

  1. While on a customer record, select Accounting.
  2. Next, select Recurring Invoices
  3. The following are steps to be taken to create and manage recurring invoices.


To create a recurring invoice 

  1. In the Recurring Invoice section, click Add.

Note: This will open up a stepped process. 

Get Started

  1. Pre-Populate Page: If the Monthly Charge toggle is set, the Monthly Monitoring Charge will be pre-populated in the Recurring Invoice.
  2. Click Next.


  1. On the Details tab, fill out all the required fields. 
  2. Make other changes if needed.
  3. Click Save. Optionally, the Save dropdown menu allows you to
    1. Save & Close,
    2. Save & Download/Preview, or
    3. Save & Send the newly created Recurring Invoice. 
      1. Choosing one of these options will complete the selection and close the window. Clicking Save, only, leaves the window open to view the History or Send the Recurring Invoice with a customized subject line and message (see explanations, below).

Note to Customer: This note will appear on the invoice.

Internal Notes: These are internal and only visible in the recurring invoice within SecurityTrax.

Email Message: This message appears on the email that is sent to the customer with the Invoice.



To view/edit a recurring invoice

Recurring Invoices can only be edited in full before an invoice has been generated. Once an invoice has been generated, some of the data points become read-only. Once the recurring invoice can no longer create any more invoices, the recurring invoice is fully locked and will remain only as a read-only record. 

To edit:

  1. Click on the desired recurring invoice row. 
  2. Edit the fields as needed.
  3. Click Save.

Editing after an invoice has been generated

After an invoice has been generated, the following data points are no longer editable:

  • Start Date 
  • Term
  • Recur Every
  • Recur Until Stopped 
  • Times to Recur
  • Line Items
  • Tax Override

All other data points can be edited.

If you desire any changes, you can delete or stop the recurring invoice and create a new one. Note: Stopping a recurring invoice is an option only when Recur Until Stopped is chosen.

Locked recurring invoice

Once a recurring invoice has completed the recurrence and is at the point that will no longer generate invoices, the Recurring Invoice will then be non-editable. You can still delete a recurring invoice at any time. 


To delete a recurring invoice

  1. While viewing the Recurring Invoice, click Delete in the lower left of the page.
  2. A confirmation window will appear. To confirm delete, click Delete.


To view the history of a recurring invoice

  1. Click on the desired recurring invoice row.
  2. Click History.
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