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How to Manage Calendar - Mobile

The Company Calendar shows all Technician appointments and allows you to edit or move appointments around.
    Note: Proper permissions are required.

To View the Calendar

  1. While logged into SecurityTrax, click on the Company menu Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 1.29.49 PM.png.
  2. In the Company section, select Calendar. 

Calendar - Mobile (Default).png

Date Picker

The calendar will by default show Today. To view other days, select the Select Dates button and click on the days from the week days listed at the top:

mobile date picker.png

Date Navigator

When more than one day is selected, you will see a Date Navigator on the top right underneath the currently selected date. Here you can click on the day you want to jump to and can easily navigate from day to day. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 4.41.44 PM.png




Show Summary 

Allows you to easily see all appointment information for the selected day. The Appointments are broken down by type and subtype (if applicable).

Calendar - Show Summary.pngCalendar - Show Summary Expanded.png

Calendar Settings Calendar - Calendar Settings - Mobile.png

Select the gear icon and a dropdown will appear with the following options:

  • Group appointments by user
    • Displays the Calendar as a list of Users with their appointments 
  • View appointments as list
    • Displays the Calendar as a list of appointments without the time of day column
         Note: Not available on Mobile
  • See Technician Appointments
    • Shows Appointments of Calendar Type Install, Service and Removal
  • See Sales Appointments
    • Shows Appointments of Calendar Type Sales



Group Appointments by User

Sorts by Users on the left (last name A-Z) and shows each selected day (descending). 

Calendar - Mobile - Group Appointments by User.png


To view/Edit Appointment Preview Information

Click on the appointment. The Preview will appear above the appointment

Calendar -Mobile - Preview Expanded .pngCheck-in details

  1. Click Edit  clipboard_ecba863c75c50ad736c8656efb33b1be2.png on the preview.

  2. The preview will expand downwards with the following options
  • On the way
  • Arrival
  • Departure
  • Incomplete Reason

Work Order

  1. Click the Truck Truck.png icon on the preview.

  2. The Work Order window will appear.

Edit Appointment

  1. Click the Edit clipboard_ee2a40ff071575ee9bc9935d01adbf3ab.png icon on the preview.
  2. The edit Appointment window will appear.
  3. Make desired changes.
  4. Click Save.

Access Customer

  1. Click on the Customer name on the preview.
    • Note: This will take you directly to the customer.

Access Map

  1. Click on the MapMap Pointer.png icon on the preview.
    • Note: This will open in a new tab in your default map site with focus on that address.

Duplicate Appointment

  1. Click on the Duplicate  clipboard_e099b9968ab5f4dcc18630c0422cb01bb.png  icon on the preview.
  2. The duplicate Appointment window will appear.
  3. Make any adjustments.
  4. Click Save.
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