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Introducing Scheduling Profiles

Scheduling Profiles

A Scheduling Profile will contain factors that will help filter the technicians available for appointments. For example, a Scheduling Profile may bet set up to only list technician's that are within a 20 mile radius of the customer's address. Selecting this profile will update the list of technician's that will show up on the list of available appointments. 

Slots Scheduler and Users Scheduler

Scheduling Profiles will either show a Slots Scheduler or a Users Scheduler. Slots scheduler allows you to select a date and time for the appointment without selecting a technician. The system will then find the best technician and assign them to the appointment. Users Scheduler allows you to select a date and time for the appointment. A list of available technicians will then show up for you to pick from. 

What are the benefits of this feature?

When you use this feature, you won't have to see a long list of technicians who may not be the best fit for an appointment. Instead, by selecting the scheduling profile you will only see a shorter list of available technicians that are best suited for the appointment.

What's to come with scheduling profiles?

Scheduling Profiles is available now in V3; however, we continue to develop this feature and make improvements. In the future, users with the appropriate permissions will be able to create and manage scheduling profiles. We also plan to implement more options for better filtering such as technician licenses, technician's area of expertise, and more. Keep an eye on our Release Notes to stay up to date when more on this feature will be available.

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