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What are Payables?

Payables are essentially commission calculations. 

A couple important things to remember about Payables

  • Even though Payables are paid to a user (such as a sales rep), the payable itself is actually created on the customer's page in the Accounting section. This is because the Payable is created based on the information on the customer.
  • The user will be able to see his or her payables in their My Account section in Securitytrax.  

Job Function

  • The purpose of the Job Function is to create a Payable (commission calculation) in order to pay your users and or lead companies.
    • The Job Function is split up into two categories
      • Sales Representative
      • Technician
    • These categories allow for two things
      1. Organization of your Job Functions
      2. Providing Payee Filter Lists for the respective category


  • The Payee is the User who is actually getting paid.
    • Below are a list potential Payees
      • Users
        • Examples:
          • Sales Rep
          • Trainer
          • Lead Rep
          • Tech
      • The Payee is determined by the Payee Filter List (A list of options and what they return can be found in the Terms section)


  • The Level is assigned to a User and is necessary in order for a Payable to be created on a customer. 
    • The Level is made of a series of Line Items which determine how someone is going to get paid and how each Level of a Payable is broken down.

Line Items

  • Line Items are a row by row breakdown of the Payable itself. Each row represents a part of the calculation.
    • Line Items allow you to:
      1. Breakdown the Payable's calculation into various sections
      2. Allow you to add descriptions to each of these sections
      3. Give you the freedom to add or remove these sections as your commission calculations change.

Payment Status

  • The Payment Status allows you to provide the payable with a status during it's life cycle
    • Payment Status options:
      • Approved
        • The Payable has been approved for payment to the Payee.
      • Denied
        • The Payable has been denied payment to Payee.
      • Paid in Full
        • The Payable has been fully paid to the Payee.
      • Partially Paid
        • The Payable has been partially paid to Payee.
      • Pending
        • The Payable has neither been approved, denied or paid any amount.
      • Requires Review
        • The Payable requires review and needs to be examined prior to being approved, denied or paid any amount.


  • Payments on the Payable are transactions you can make to track what you have paid out to the Payee.
    • Payments contain the following fields:
      • Amount
        • The value being paid out on the payment transaction.
      • Date
        • The date the payment transaction is being made on.
      • Reference
        • A field for internal reference. Typically a number or form of tracking designation.
      • Notes
        • A field to write internal notes on regarding this transaction



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