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How To Manage Your Equipment Transfers

  • While in My Inventory, click on Transfers in the left menu.

To view your inbound transfers

  1. Navigate to the Inbound Transfers section.

To view your outbound transfers

  1. Navigate to the Outbound Transfers section.

To transfer equipment items

  1. While on the Outbound Transfers section, click Add.
  2. On the New Outbound Transfer section, make your select from the Target dropdown menu.
  3. Select the item being transferred from the Name dropdown menu.
  4. Enter the item count into the Amount to Transfer column for each item being transferred.
    • Note: The count can not be greater than the Transferable column indicates.
  5. When all items are correct, click Save.

To remove pending equipment items

  1. Click the Delete icon delete_icon.png on the row to remove.
  2. A confirmation window will appear over the icon. To confirm the deletion, click Delete.
    • Note: If you entered this option in error, click Cancel.

To view your transfer history

  1. Navigate to the Transfer History section.
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