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Active User Home Dashboard

As you log in successfully

Depending on your position (Salesman, Technician, or Admin), your User Home experience as you log into SecurityTrax will be slightly different. For instance, your Dashboard will present you with a number of summary cards. The first will give you a list of summary counts of all Open Tasks, Work Orders, Appointments, and At-Risk Follow-Ups. Another card will present you with a chronological listing of all Appointments for the day. Another will give you prioritized listing of all Tasks due today, while yet another a summary count of all prioritized Tasks. Additional cards list the Work Orders for the day, and finally a summary count of Open, Scheduled, and Overdue Work Orders.

These cards are fully active, which means that when you mouse-over (hover) any of the cards and a row in the card changes to a highlighted blue color, it's selectable and will take you to the edit screen for that Work Order, Task, or Appointment. As some cards are only summary counts, when you see the Right Arrow iconArrow Right.png in the upper right of the card, you can select it and be taken to the associated edit screen for Tasks or Work Orders.

In the left-side menu are additional options for detail pages of Technician, Tasks, Work Orders, and At Risk (you can click on individual items in the summary cards to edit Appointments, Tasks, and Work Orders).

Note: No matter where you are in SecurityTrax, click Home in the Top Nav to return to your Dashboard.


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