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How to Manage Credit Memos

This article will walk you through the process of managing credit memos through the Order option of a Customer Record. Note: You may also manage credit memos through the Accounting option. To see details on how to manage credit memos on the Accounting option, please see Accounting: How to Manage credit memos.


Navigate to credit memos

  1. While on a customer record, click Order.
  2. Navigate to the Quotes & Invoices section. 
  3. The following are steps to take while on the Order option in the Quotes & Invoices section.


To create a credit memo

  1. Click Add on the top right corner of the Quotes & Invoices section.

Note: This will open up a stepped process to add an Invoice, Quote, or Credit Memo. 

Get Started

  1. On the Get Started tab, select Credit Memo.

Pre-Populate:  Select the items to be pre-populated in the Credit Memo.

  1. Click Next.


  1. On the Details tab, fill out all the required fields. 
  2. Make other changes if needed.
  3. Click Save.

Note: You have successfully created a Credit Memo. You can now close the window or continue on to Add Payment or view Payments.


To view/edit a credit memo 

  1. Click the Edit icon Edit_Icon.jpg on the credit memo row.
  2. Edit the fields as needed.
  3. Click Save.


To delete a credit memo

  1. Click the Delete icon delete_icon.png on the credit memo row.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. A confirmation window will appear. To confirm, click Delete.


To collect/record payment on a credit memo

  1. Click on the Edit icon Edit_Icon.jpgon the credit memo row.
  2. Click Add Payment.
  3. Fill out the required fields and make any necessary changes.
  4. Select a payment method or select a type of payment, if no payment method has been set.
  5. Fill out all required fields.
    1. Note: You may add a payment type and make it the default if none have been set on the customer record.
  6. Click Save.


To view a history of payments on a credit memo

  1. Click on the Edit icon Edit_Icon.jpgon the credit memo row
  2. Click Payments.
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