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How To Manage Inventory Templates

Allows a company to set up a template showing the base and minimum quantity of a particular piece of equipment a user should have and the default vendor used to order that piece of equipment. Templates may contain several different pieces of equipment and can be applied to a large number of technician user accounts. Automatic reordering of equipment will take place once the minimum amount has been reached.

To view your inventory templates

  • While in Company Inventory, click on Inventory Templates in the left menu.

To edit an inventory template

  1. While on the Inventory Template page, click the Pencil icon Pencil Edit Icon.png of the desired template row.

To update an inventory template

  1. While on the Details page, fill in all amounts associated with the equipment in this template.
  2. Optionally, the template name may be modified in the Name edit box.
  3. Enter the desired amounts into the Base Level and Min Level columns, respectively, for each item.
    • Note: Make sure the associated vendor is selected from the Vendor dropdown menu. 
  4. Click Save.

To remove an inventory template

  1. Click the Delete icon delete_icon.png of the row to be removed.
  2. A confirmation window will appear to the left of the icon. To confirm the deletion, click Remove.
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