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How To Manage Physical Inventory

Allows you to see the equipment and associated quantities that a particular technician has assigned to them. Also allows you to easily set the amount of equipment each technician has as opposed to creating a fictitious PO to enter the quantities into SecurityTrax.

To view the company's physical inventory

  • While in Company Inventory, click on Physical Inventory in the left menu.

To select the physical inventory recipient

  1. While on the Perform Physical Inventory page, make your choice from the Recipient dropdown menu.
  2. Click Submit.

To filter the physical inventory list

  1. Select the Hide 0 Base slider to filter out any items with zero (0) base quantity.
  2. Select the Hide 0 Quantity to filter out any items with the quantity of zero (0).

To perform the company's physical inventory

  1. Enter the count result into the Quantity column of the item being inventoried.
    • Note: You can also click the Plus  Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 4.12.43 PM.pngor Minus Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 4.11.20 PM.png icons to increment or decrement the count, respectively, which automatically selects the row for review and submission.
  2. Make sure all item rows are selected (checked).
    • Note: If the row is not selected, the item will not be counted (even a zero row needs to be selected). All rows can be selected, simultaneously, by clicking the select box in the header row.
  3. Click Review.

To review and save the company's physical inventory

  1. After reviewing the Physical Inventory, click Save.
    • Note: If an item is missing or was incorrectly counted, click Cancel and make the needed correction.
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