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How to Manage the User's Inventory Settings

To view the user's inventory settings

  1. While on the user record, click Inventory in the left menu.
    • Note: For a user to maintain inventory items in their possession, the Inventory Recipient slider must be set to On. Once set, Read Only details about the user are displayed.

To configure the user's inventory settings

To edit user's address and base adjustment multiplier

  1. While on the Inventory page, click the Edit icon Edit_Icon.jpg in the upper right corner.
  2. Make desired changes. 
  3. Click Save.

To edit equipment details

  1. While on the Inventory Detail Page, click the Equipment Details button.
  2. Set the Base and Min Levels and select the Vendor
  3. Click Save.

To edit vendor details

  1. While on the Inventory Detail Page, click the Vendor Details button.
  2. Set the Vendor Active sliders appropriately.
  3. Enter the associated Default Branch Number, Retrieval & Processing Methods.
  4. Click Save.
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